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March 2024

Good For Your Bones!

Good For Your Bones!

Bone broth is a remarkably healthy and delicious way to increase your intake of healing nutrients, collagen, healthy fats, and more. Adding high-quality bone broth into your diet can positively impact the way you feel mentally and physically.

Make sure to look for grass-fed beef bone broth that has no artificial colors, flavors, or additives. Pre-seasoned bone broths are perfectly fine, as long as the only ingredients listed are spices or vegetables.

We recommend warming your broth on the stove prior to drinking. While still in the pot, give it a taste. If it is too bland, add some seasonings. We recommend a few pinches each of sea salt, garlic, and onion powder, or sea salt, black pepper, and turmeric. Start small, and add more as necessary to achieve your desired flavor intensity. You can also add a teaspoon or 2 of butter for increased creaminess!

What Co-Founder Nadia experienced when she completed this challenge: "I started drinking bone broth every day. Within a couple of days I noticed increased focus and more sustained energy. After a few weeks, I noticed my skin feeling better, my hair growing faster, and my nails getting stronger. Overall, I felt NOURISHED. My favorite way to drink bone broth is seasoned with curry powder and topped with raw milk!"

Select a Challenge Level below and get started!

Drink one glass of bone broth each day for 2-3 days of week 1.

Repeat this for the remaining weeks, or increase to the Intermediate Challenge if you feel up for it!


Drink one glass of bone broth each day for 4-5 days of week 1.

Repeat this for the remaining weeks, or increase to the Advanced Challenge if you feel up for it!


Drink at least one glass of bone broth each day for the entire month.


Try making your own bone broth!

Making bone broth from scratch is way easier than you might think! Follow these simple steps to make your own fresh bone broth:

  1. Add a few pounds of pasture raised chicken or grass fed/finished beef bones to a slow cooker and cover with filtered water.

  2. Add seasonings like salt, pepper and garlic.

  3. Cover and cook on low for at least 12 hours.

  4. Allow to cool.

  5. Remove the bones and strain using a fine mesh strainer.

  6. Cool to room temperature, cover, and store in the fridge for up to 4–6 days.

Want a more in depth explanation? Check out our full article on bone broth here!

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